CCA 13th Cartographic Conference Call for Paper


Conference Information:
  This national conference on Cartographic will be held on October 5th 2013, purposing to enhance Cartography knowledge, Surveying & Mapping and GIS research’s academic exchanges and their achievements by the conference, and benefit country’s cartographic level and education results.
  Chinese Cartographic Association (CCA)
  National Taiwan University Department of Geography
  Theory of Cartography, Map Education, Map Application, Map Publishing, Remote Sensing photograph mapping, GIS Mapping
Format of Thesis:
  1. Topic and Author: add * or ** after Chinese name, and indicate work place and title
  2. Abstracts: Papers can write in English or Chinese, and submit less than 500 words abstract describing your papers topic, methods and argument with attached key word under abstract (five key words maximum).
  3. Text: Table’s title in its above left, plate and figure’s title is below and centered. Chinese title words always use bold face. Maps of special scale don’t need to follow this rule. Plates and table’s note, explanations or sources are below left, and only using Arabic number. Paper should be less than 50000 words and 20 pages.
  4. References: References should be after note, when writing , the sequence is Chinese → English → Japanese. About author’s name, in Chinese according to stroke of a Chinese character from easy to complicated; in English use the sequence of English alphabet. If one author has several references, use public time to arrange. If it has several public in one year, use a, b, c, to arrange. Quotes don’t need to arrange with number.
 Abstract deadline:
   Sep. 16th 2013
 Thesis deadline:
   Sep. 27th 2013

More information and manuscripts can be submit following CCA E-mail (